Sunday, May 20, 2007

Scrambled crab

One of the first recipes that caught my eye in Gordon Ramsay's new book Fast Food was the Scrambled eggs with crab meat & chives. Being a fan of scrambled eggs after eschewing it for so many years this seemed the perfect new take on the eggy treat. I ordered a pot of picked fresh white crab meat from Ocado for the occasion but for the first time ever I received a substitution! The white crab was swapped for dressed crab so I had brown crab with a tad of mayonnaise, a layer of chopped hard boiled egg and finished with a layer of white crab meat. I figured I could still make my scrambled egg but as tasty as the brown crab meat is it does taint the colour of the happy golden yolks somewhat. Gordon's recipe is topping a slice of toasted country bread but I like my scrambled eggs and toast served separately. I think the scrambled eggs make the toast go soggy and the toast crumbs spoil the creamy unctuousness of the scrambled egg. Myabe the typical toast accompaniment was what turned me off scrambled egg for so long. I became a believer when I was given a little pot of creamy scrambled egg complete with chopped egg in a French brunch restaurant. I understand the point of scrambled egg now! I guess it's not the most elegant of dishes but it sure tastes good, so full marks to Mr. Ramsay for that one - and he's right, it's very quick.

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