Sunday, May 27, 2007

Easy like a Sunday morning

Can there be many pleasures simpler than an eggy breakfast whilst perusing the Sunday papers spread out over the table? Today I had bacon and melted cheese on toast topped with a golden egg with the sunniest of sunny sides up. I do love relaxing with the Sunday papers, and today was better than usual as it is Observer Food Monthly day so plenty to read. And to cap it all there was a little bar of Lindt chocolate delivered with my Observer today. Hope fortunate, I always fancy a square or two of chocolate after a runny egg. I don't know why but Scrambled egg doesn't give me the same yearning.
The only thing that would have made it even more enjoyable would have been if after I'd read the latest OFM cover-to-cover I could have attempted to assist D and MC with their crossword. But this week they're doing their "mots croisé" over a croissant or pain au chocolat in France, hope you're having a fabulous holiday?

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Anonymous said...

We've had an interesting experience (as you know) on culinary and other fronts! Parts of us yearn to de-camp permanently and immerse ourselves in "French Life" - one can always dream.