Sunday, May 13, 2007

Brain food?

LLcT has a big exam tomorrow so we're all on test question duty. We know we need to conjure up brain food but no one really fancies a big plate of fish oil so we consider LLcT's little heart's desire and he has a yen for fondue and champ (well I probably craved the champ and encouraged him to plump for that!) He insisted on the simplest un-mucked about sausages (the rest of us had something a little more refined), some lovely organic carrot batons with our gorgeous buttery and spring onion packed champ.
For the fondue request, we thought about cheese but the "solid little carnivore" didn't really think enough meat would be involved in that.
We pondered a meat fondue but that was rejected when we realised we couldn't find the fondue burner. So we satisfied the meat craving with a big pile of cured meat for one and turned our minds to a chocolate fondue to dip the vibrant British strawberries into little cups of chocolaty loveliness. As an extra treat we have little cubes of magnificent Gü brownies to impale with the fondue forks and dunk. Delicious! And of course we're all feeling much brainier now!

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