Monday, May 07, 2007

A piece of pizza

It's a bank holiday Monday night and I'm feeling peckish, it's not often I succumb to the allure of motorcycle delivery but I haven't had a pizza for a long time but I am hankering for the best delivery pizza I know. I dig out a Basilico delivery menu from autumn 2005 (clearly I am not that regular an orderer )but fortunately I was able to find their more up to date choices on line. Basilico make the most wonderful pizzas, they have crispy thin bases topped with authentic, fresh toppings cooked expertly in a wood-burning oven.
I order a pizza that isn't on my old menu, a pizza caponata

with garlic,mozzarella, porcini mushroom, artichokes, pancetta, cherry tomatoes and speck. Obviously I lose the cherry tomatoes but as there's no tomato sauce on the base of this one, I don't have to worry. But I also add some smoked chicken and a bit of pesto sauce.

My pizza was worth waiting for, the artichokes had a little lemony tang, the chicken, pancetta and speck were tasty and smoky, the porcini was even woodier after the wood smoke and there was plenty of mozzarella. This was a perfect pizza. Basilico deserve all the plaudits they've received.

I'm not sure that my pizza was enhanced by eating it off singularly the maddest plate ever but it was a little purchase from Habitat and needed to be christened. I broke my rule about non-china picnic plates but this extraordinary melamine one seemed to cry out to join the collection. And I just couldn't say no. Maybe it will be useful to eat off in the event of a power failure - it positively glows!


Deborah Dowd said...

What a beautiful and delicious-looking pizza... and the plate does it justice!

Freya and Paul said...

Wow, I wish we had take out pizza like that near us!! I love the plate too! It all looks great!