Monday, May 28, 2007

Virtual chowder for two

Due to a strange coincidence both M and I decided to have Mussel & Smoked Salmon Chowder to eat today. It seems we both ordered it for the first time in our last Ocado delivery and it occurs to both of us that today would be a good time to try it. Clearly great minds think alike!
I added a few more tiny cubes of cooked Jersey Royals to make it even more substantial. It probably didn't really need it but I had some Jersey Royals that needed eating so it seemed as good as idea as any. It's very tasty, the mussels maybe could do with a tad less cooking, the salmon is moist and flavoursome but the whole soup is lovely and creamy. M declared is to have a thinner liquid than she would have liked but I thought it was just fine. Though maybe mine was a little thicker with the extra new potato cubes. It's a good hearty soup to warm he cockles of the heart on a grey day. Our spring has gone a bit wayward and we have grey skies, torrential rain and the tree outside looks like it is shaking itself into a frenzy. Hmmm, an English Spring, time to get out the comfort food!

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