Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New season's asparagus

This is my first bunch of English asparagus this season and I think they look so alluring and stately, full of delicious promise. I was a bit tardy this year as I didn't get a chance to hot-foot it down to the farmers' market to secure the very first bunch. But no matter, I will enjoy the brief season and am already flitting between ideas as to what treatment should I should give to my inaugural spears.
Shall I just boil/steam my lovelies and then wrap them with some rosy slivers of Parma ham I just happen to have to hand and then dip them in a soft boiled egg? Or maybe blanch them then on the grill pan for their tiger stripes before shaving Parmesan over the gently steaming spears? Stuart Gillies' Pea & Leek Tart with Glazed Asparagus from yesterday's Great British Menu sounds really tasty and terribly seasonal but I think something much simpler is in order for my first foray into asparagus this year. I also love asparagus with hollandaise and we had a fantastic Terence Conran inspired egg dressing for asparagus at Roger's in France last year, so that's two more possibilities, or I could be ultra simple and just have melted butter and a good few twists of black pepper.
Decisions, decisions. Fortunately I have several bunches of these heavenly purple tinged green spears so I could, if so inclined, do all of them!

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