Friday, April 20, 2007

Go Jeremy go!

I'm on tenterhooks! I've been watching the battle of the Scots on the Great British Menu this week and even though I have no objections to Nick Nairn, I really want Jeremy Lee to win. I am a massive fan of his work at Blueprint Café and also think he is hugely entertaining in front of the stove and front of house. I think Jeremy deserves Paris and they will love him as much as I do.
It all happens tonight! Will Jeremy find scallops that are less "enthusiastically sized" or will he still "absolutely hate them"? Will his shortcake still resemble Hobknobs? Will Nick get his Cranachan to taste of whisky and honey as he intended? And will Oliver, Prue and Matthew enjoy Jeremy's crab cakes as much as we all do? Watch Great British Menu on BBC2 tonight to find an answer to all these questions and many more. I can't wait!

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