Friday, April 06, 2007

Fine shopping and eating

Our last port of call whilst in the city was M&S for some dinner. D and I didn't want too much after our lunch but guessed that MC would feel particularly deprived if we didn't get some tasty morsels for him. We opted for plump scallops, the ubiquitous crab gratins, some smoked salmon with an intriguing half moon inset of crab pâté and a lemon soufflé/mousse to finish. I was very good and didn't even go and look at the crockery but then I had already bought some gorgeous crystal napkin rings!

MC had been at Burwash Manor getting our meat order and also grabbed some stunning cheeses whilst he was there so we'll have to get out the Michael Arum china cheeseboard also.

D and I agree on most things but we don’t also have a meeting of minds when it comes to bacon. D insists on unsmoked and I always prefer smoked yet unflabby so I generally buy drycure. D likes her bacon cooked until crispy, crispy enough to crumble on top of a salad. I like mine in smoky juicy lardons and to stay in little strips and not crumble. So when we decided to have bacon with the scallops which , I must add, is a match made in heaven we have a difference of opinion.

It was extremely tasty, the scallops were so plumptious and fine and I love the tiger stripes and the bacon…was a great bit of colour!

The salmon was really unusual; it was a thick slice of smoked salmon inset with M&S’s sublime crab pâté. The taste was really good though we struggled to identify the crab as crab; I think I would have said it was inset with smoked salmon pâté instead. A lovely flavour though! And we accompany this with their crab gratins which are also very good. Excellent more ramekins for the kitchen cupboard!

The Brie was utterly perfect and was spread thickly onto oaten bread – delicious! The Cheddar was tangy also and the blue cheese...I left that for others to enjoy!

And somehow we had tiny bit of room for some of the lemon soufflé (I’d still call it mousse though).

Sometimes I think the best of meals are not just about great cooking but also judicious shopping. And I'm pretty good at shopping! Also for the finest of meals, you need excellent company as well. Luckily for me I am enjoying fabulous company and alongside our delicious food we relive and enjoy all our favourite foodie experiences. Fortunately it's a long meal so we can ruminate on our best culinary moments all evening. Just the best!

on't you think I have some beautiful new napkin rings?

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