Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday salad

It's just beginning to tease us into believing that we're getting into a bit of salad weather. Not everyday, but we are experiencing the odd early salad day at the moment. Though as every true Brit knows, our weather is nothing if not random so tomorrow it may be snow or possibly a thunderstorm!
So whilst the sun is out and I still feel inclined to salads I thought I'd rustle one up. This was a particular "what do I still have in my fridge on the last day before an Ocado delivery?" sort of salad. I was inspired by Nigella's hot bacon and shaved cheese salad with the red wine vinegar drizzled into the pan to mingle with the hot bacony juices and then poured over the chosen leaves, but thought I'd add the last two remaining eggs to the mix. This time I splashed some balsamic vinegar into the bacon frying - pan, this spits a lot less and isn't so violent as when the red wine vinegar hits the hot pan and the balsamic also makes the bacon tinge pleasingly black. Normally when I makes such a salad, I make it an all-day breakfast/brunch salad and add slices of fried black pudding and cubes of sautéed potatoes, but the Old Mother Hubbard fridge that faced me couldn't divulge such treasures so simple it is.

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