Sunday, November 12, 2006

What I would have eaten...

I had intended visiting the Good Food Show at Olympia today but with suffering with the beginning of a niggling cold and a sure knowledge of how heaving it would be if I dragged my weary bones over to Olympia (always an annoying trek – personally I prefer the shows at Earl’s Court, because of the better transport options), I decided against it this year. And I feel almost guilty for missing my first year, to assuage myself slightly I purchase a new gadget on the web which I hope will solve some of the 'how to cook a healthy, home-made meal with the limited resources at the office' problem. I won’t elaborate yet, I’ll wait until it arrives and then I can test it and report my findings.

If I’d gone to the show I would have definitely found some mad gadget (or two) to purchase and no doubt some fabulous little nibbles to bring home. I hadn’t stocked up on a fine Sunday lunch as I intended some festive show foraging and I didn’t realise how desperate the store cupboard situation was until after the Sunday early closing kicked in. Mother Hubbard would be shocked, so instead I thought I'd relive a recent feast I whipped up shortly after the last visit from the Ocado man.

A nice bit of rare beef fillet, topped with a little remaining pâté, served with a medley of sautéed field mushrooms, creamy leeks and mâche with balsamic. Extremely fine if I say so myself!

Tonight’s feast was not exactly so good or tasty, so definitely no photographs! Now when does Waitrose open?

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