Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bang, bang, bang!

Tonight is bonfire night and all I can hear outside are bangers going off and the odd wheeeeeeee of the rockets. I figured that my only way to compete culinarily (yes, I know it's not a real word!) is by cooking some good old bangers and mash. Plan a) was to use the potatoes to either bake or to turn into a colcannon soup to consume during the week but clearly I bought the potatoes from my local greengrocers in complete darkness and quite a lot has to be sacrificed. But we know plan a) never come off so fortunately there is a plan b) and plan b) in this case was seeing if there’s enough potato pieces for a yummy dollop of creamy mash. And fortunately there was enough potato for me to make mash – never a particular hardship in my opinion!

However, I had intended to try Heston’s baked potato mash at my next mash-making mission but these potatoes would not have successfully baked. I didn’t have any milk as I don’t drink it but fortunately I had some double cream and of course plenty of butter which I added to the riced potato pieces. And I even remembered to use crushed white pepper instead of black so as not spoil the elegant pale and interesting appearance of my perfect mash – see Gary Rhodes, I do pay attention!

If I say so myself, this was very fine and creamy mash indeed! The sausages were ‘wild boar and prune’ – a particular favourite of mine from Waitrose hence their darker than your average pork sausages appearance. I normally serve them with a green salad or a bit of cabbage but they work pretty well with a dollop of mash also.

What a perfect way to enjoy bonfire night! Bang!

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