Friday, November 03, 2006

Festive food on the box

There's some interesting stuff heading for our TV screens over the forthcoming festive season. The four chefs who won the Great British Menu competition are cooking again, this time to produce a perfect Christmas menu. It’s not clear whether the Queen will be eating it this time. And D and I haven't discussed whether we intend to tackle it - best if we see what's in store for us first!
Nigella is gracing the BBC for the first time and starring in a three part festive show and Gordon Ramsay has a festive F word for our delectation. Before that Mr. Ramsay has a new four part series of Kitchen Nightmares, Heston Blumenthal still in “Search of Perfection” and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is educating some jaded palates to get them back in touch with real food. James Martin has had the revamped Saturday show recommisioned for another 20 weeks and on Sunday mornings you can see Simon Rimmer cooking on the new series “Something for the Weekend”. If I watch all this I'm not entirely sure they'll be any time left to eat any food.

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cybercasey said...

The Great British Menu competition was an interesting show. Hopefully the new show will be fun too. Can you tell me what's it called?
I noticed that u like food trivia too. That's interesting coz I share similar interests. Will definitely be back to yr blog- Regards, Casey