Saturday, November 04, 2006

Double leek tart

Tonight’s little snackette was a rather lovely Vintage Cheddar, Potato and Leek Tartlet from Waitrose. The tart pastry is really tasty and crispy and has a lovely cheesy bite. I sautéed a bit more leek with a little double cream to accompany the tart. Fortunately I love leek.! The tart could be eaten hot or cold but I prefer it warm to get those flavours singing.

I do make a fine leek tart myself - courtesy of Simon Hopkinson's excellent recipe from Roast Chicken and Other Stories I should add. Though last time I made it, I tried to cut corners with the pastry with nearly disasterous results!
I haven’t tried any from this range before and it was very enjoyable indeed. It tasted homemade and the package does say it’s hand finished, maybe this makes a difference – highly recommended for when I don't want to make my own.

3 comments: said...

This looks nice. Do you eat sheep?

J said...

I love both lamb and mutton but I'm not a huge fan of mint sauce. I think lamb should go with rosemary, garlic, anchovies or maybe lavender. No mint sauce for me. Baaa.

DD said...

Yum! I also adore leeks!

Please fedex me one of those tarts!