Friday, November 10, 2006

Eat well - well if I must!

‘Plan a’ was to consume the last bowl of soup from my cauliflower ministrations the other day but as you know ‘plan a’ doesn't happen very often so ‘plan b’ was to grab something quickly from M&S as I ran past. And so I ended up with their ‘Eat Well’ - Ham hock and mash meal for one. It comes in a handy cardboard tray which is quite useful for carrying the steaming cooked meal from the microwave to a convenient flat place to consume. It was actually rather tasty with its crunchy carrots and beans and of course some flavoursome shredded ham and creamy mash. Personally I have no problems with eating this well any day.

Though I have to admit, after watching this week’s Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall River Cottage Project where he took a group of food zombies who were addicted to ready meals and got them to abandon the dark side forever in favour of fresh, organic and home cooked food it does feel slightly weird tucking into the much despised ready meal. My only justification is that it’s a good one, with real food in it and not a homogenised lump of brown mush and no nasty artificial colours, flavourings or beetles. And also, it’s pretty hard to whip up fresh, organic and home cooked food in with extremely limited time and facilities constraints. However, I will try and get better with bringing my home cooked and naturally organic meals in, I promise. It was a little easier throwing together a fresh salad in the warmer months but Hugh has shamed me. Though if I have to resort to ‘plan b’ – the M&S Eat Well range is well, pretty good!

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