Sunday, November 05, 2006

PIMM'S O'clock

I believe the perfectly made jug of PIMM’S accentuates many an English summer event. The PIMM’S we drink mostly in PIMM’S No.1 – which is a sophisticated gin sling type secret mix of citrus flavours and spices which has been knocked back since James Pimm first started serving Pimm's house cup in his London oyster bar in 1823.

Over the years there have been six varieties of PIMM’S:

No. 1 – Gin

No. 2 – Scotch

No. 3 – Brandy

No. 4 – Rum

No. 5 – Rye

No. 6 - Vodka

No. 2, 4 and 5 have fallen by the wayside but No. 3 has been re-marketed as a winter PIMM’S and I for one think this could be a fabulous idea. I've seen it featured in the cooking magazines and Olly Smith waxed lyrical about it on Food Uncut. The serving suggestion for Winter PIMM'S is either to drink it cold with three parts ginger ale (what some drink with PIMM’S No. 1 instead of lemonade) and finish with a few slices of orange or very interestingly, gently warm with three parts apple juice and serve with slices of red apple.

I think the warm version would be a great festive drink instead of mulled wine, I definitely intend to serve it this Christmas. Anyone for PIMM’S?


RooKnits said...

Winter Pimms definitely rocks. Warm with apple juice is a winner with me - drank it loads last year as a yummy alternative to mulled wine.

Anonymous said...

Is it "Pimm's o'clock already? Jolly good!"