Monday, November 06, 2006


When the season of mellow fruitfulness kicks in my thoughts turn to soups. I find the making of a soup quite warm and comforting in itself and of course I have my shiny new Bamix to christen. But what soup do I make? I have a particular penchant for cauliflower but I've also got a Savoy cabbage that is begging to be used and some dry-cure smoked bacon. I could whip up a colcannon soup if I had some potatoes. I don't normally add potato to my cauliflower soup so I guess a lot depends on whether I can procure some potatoes on the way home or not.

I had intended to make a suitably spooky Halloween soup last week and if I'd been feeling rather creative I was going to hollow out a small pumpkin to serve it in. Clearly I wasn't so the spooky pumpkin soup never materialised but when catching up on some fellow food bloggers this weekend I realise any effort I made would have paled into insignificance compared to others. I was particularly taken by the happy sorceress's black bat shaped pasta. How fabulous would that have looked on top of orange pumpkin soup? Hmmm I wonder where one gets bat shaped pasta? I can see a bat-tacular themed meal on the horizon! I'm not sure if I can wait to next Halloween though! I was also so impressed with Warren the pumpkin on Roo’s site. I hope you did something fabulous with the resultant pumpkin flesh?

As it turned out my lovely shiny Bamix helped me whip up my old favourite cauliflower soup. I tried to capture an action shot but really there's very little to see. The wonderful Bamix made light work of chopping the cooked cauliflower and then with a crucial touch of nutmeg and some freshly ground pepper it was ready to serve. I have a rustic bowl of cauliflower soup to eat tonight topped with grated Cheddar and two bowls for warming up in the office later in the week. But after devouring Sophie's fabulous new Pies book, I feel curiously disappointed by soup, sigh!

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