Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tex Mex Hex!

Mental note to self: don't ever order French food in a Tex Mex restaurant. What possessed me?

Tonight's meal was at the Santa Fe Grill which had initially alarmed me because just the concept of refried beans makes me feel a little weird. I needn't have worried amongst the burritos and enchiladas and there was an eclectic mixture of chicken, steak, tuna and my favourite duck. DD immediately spotted the Duck Confit with Garlic Mash and declared he knew exactly what I was having. And in a moment of insanity I ordered it. Okay the fact that it was still quacking when it came to the table was my fault as temporarily forgetting I was not ordering steak, I opted for rare! And the duck was okay-ish, though didn't seem very confited but everything was just so tepid. Well the vegetables were just nowhere near cooked enough for cooked vegetables and overcooked for raw! And the garlic mash you may ask, well that was 'just wrong- seriously wrong!' and everything would just have benefited from some more heat.

The lovely L (of Sydney) commented when I started my fork ratings that I should award rotten tomatoes for restaurants that deserve it! If I don't enjoy a meal in a place I often blame myself as I could have badly ordered or the meal could have fallen foul of my anti-tomato zoning laws which is when the evil red things have turned up in my carefully constructed exclusion zone. It seems that others don't always feel the same about tomatoes! But I think may have found the restaurant that deserves the first rotten tomatoes, DD's steak was tasty but the starters were rather odd and even the Tex Mex food was apparently not remotely impressive. Take a bow Sante Fe Grill, you are the inaugural member of the Rotten Tomatoes club for your 'just bad' food, we won't be back!

And thank you to our designated driver P (next year maybe also a designated navigator?) for getting us lost again - what the...?

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DD said...

Oh dear, what can I say about this?

Not much.

Are we there yet P?