Saturday, April 29, 2006


Oh my God - M and I are all aboard the Orient Express tomorrow! So many decisions to make STILL with regards to the most sparkly thing to go with the most dramatic glamorous outfit. If only I had a tiara! I've opted for diamantes on skirts and tops, feather head thing, beaded dresses and cardigans, sequinned anything you can think of and just more jewellery than you can shake a diamond encrusted stick at. Decisions, decisions, decisions! And then of course there will be more decisions to come - whether to have lobster or foie gras, yet another glass of Champagne or another bite of a gorgeous chocolate creation! I will have to christen the most beautiful Think Pink Smythson notebook (courtesy or D & M (or should I say MC to stop confusion?) and commit all my thoughts to elegant blue paper and not a computer keyboard. Much more OE style! I cannot wait!

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