Thursday, April 06, 2006

Nigel - my hero!

Tonight was the latest Food Book Club at Blue Print Cafe. It was to promote the paperback of Rose Prince's book "New English Kitchen: Changing the Way You Shop, Cook and Eat". Rose and Jeremy Lee whipped up tasty canapes of potted crab on sour dough (with some secret ingredient that Jeremy never got around to telling us about!). The starter was a soft boiled egg and pork crackling salad followed by boiled beef, tongue and carrots, Montgomery Cheddar and a very fine gingerbread wrapped up very nicely with a rhubarb snow and shortbread. And what a fine invention the rhubarb snow was, so light and refreshing! Nigel said that the meal was the sort you should have before your execution and then you could die happy!
But talking of dying happy, the most amazing thing that happened, even better than Jeremy's potted crab was meeting and TALKING to Nigel Slater - I am so not worthy! I know he's shy but I just had to tell him what I thought of his books, his recipes and even his cats (Poppy, Digger & McGrath), basically I gushed! I have finally met my ultimate food hero, in fact hero! I can die happy now. Well at least I can after the OE:- t-24 and counting!

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