Sunday, April 30, 2006

Jazz on the Pullman

Oh my God - we are here! We're chuffing along on a shiny brown and cream train in a carriage called Perseus quaffing champagne and perusing a tasselled menu. Apparantly this carriage was used to transport Sir Winston Churchill to his own funeral. The carriage is all panelled in wood and has big comfortable arm chairs to sit on. Even the toilet is fabulous - the floor is bedecked in a mosiac depicting Perseus clutching the decapitated head of Medusa.

After some tasty little chessy nibbles, starter was FILLET OF PEPPERED BEEF WITH A BEAN AND WATER CHESTNUT SALAD ACCOMPANIED BY A JEREZ VINEGAR & MUSTARD DRESSING and washed down with a rather nice 'train wine' - like a house wine but faster! Main was ROASTED FILLET OF ALASKAN WHITE KING SALMON, MANGE TOUT & PARSLEY POTATOES - who knew salmon could be so white? After I got over the anaemic appearance, it had a wonderful taste. The first fabulous meal of the trip was finished off with a scrummy DARK CHOCOLATE TEAR DROP FILLED WITH A CHERRY COMPOTE & A WHITE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE. This was so light and delicate! And if we hadn't already had enough already, we then had petit fours. I feel many awe inspiring dishes will grace our palates over the next few days. I hope I haven't brought anything too fitted!

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