Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Good Friday fish dish

As is tradition – we opted for a Good Friday fish dish. After due consideration we plumped for Serrano ham wrapped cod fillets with broccoli and Jill Duplex’s ‘Crash Hot Potatoes’ – though ours were rather ‘car-crash hot’ as we followed instructions to apply a potato masher to each potato and instead of elegantly flattened ours were more smashed! It was all damned tasty though!
I had a sudden urge to whip up a hollandaise sauce to go with the fish and broccoli, if it were just me in the kitchen I am sure I wouldn’t have had the urge but cooking with D is always a perfect time to be a little more creative, it’s so nice to have such an accomplished cook to work with and I get inspired. D has the loudest whisk/metal bowl combo ever, but as it was so effective I can’t complain! And the whisk was such a work of art!

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