Monday, April 10, 2006

Mrs B.

The BBC have been filming a drama about Mrs Beeton next door. It's been terribly exciting with cameras, carts, men with tall top hats and Mrs Beeton I assume wearing some very fine big skirts. It inspired me to glance through my Mrs Beeton Cookbook (the M&S version that Marce kindly bought me for my birthday) and it fell open at Beef Wellington, a sign if ever I've seen one. And she even says how to make individual ones, how many cookbooks did I trawl through for that information? I will have to look out for it when it appears on television in September and see if I can see any of the 'modern features' I've been eliminating.
And not that I need any encouragement, but I will make an individual Beef Wellington in Mrs. B's honour - maybe call it a Beeton Wellington!

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