Monday, April 03, 2006

Its OE day - 29 and counting

29 days to go and I'm so excited. I have been practising

"senza pomodori per favore"
for my trip to Venice as I feel it will be a useful phrase. I also think

"senza maionese per favore"

will be handy because we plan a trip to Harry's Bar and I want to have Carpaccio (or 'Roar Beef' as someone I know calls it - if only I thought she was being ironic!) in its home restaurant and I've read they cover it in mayonniase. But as it's the traditional recipe maybe I should just grin and bear it. So many exciting foodie delights that await us.
Of course I think we'll also have to avail ourselves of the finest Bellini - well it would be rude not to.
In fact thinking of Harry's Bar has me so inspired I have availed myself of the ever friendly and purchased it
for the collection. Oh the groaning shelves!

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