Sunday, February 18, 2007

Year of the pig

I am really hoping this red banner says “Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year” as that’s what I wanted to say but I should really check with someone who knows.

I wanted to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the pig in my own way. Unfortunately I am not a huge fan of Chinese food but I must admit I had the most amazing crispy duck and pancakes in an incredibly bright Chinese restaurant in Miami Playa in Spain. Even though the leaking air conditioner unit was really bothering me (I don’t think anyone really likes being dripped on!) I thought the succulent duck and surprising plump pancakes the best I’d ever had. Though this could be my fault, I have very really eaten in a good Chinese restaurant, it’s normally been with a crowd after a long night drinking and/or dancing and we’ve just entered the nearest place that it still open. And I think because of that I have had some extremely bad Chinese food when I haven’t been drunk enough to ignore how poor it is. I am sure if I did avail myself of a good Chinese restaurant, I would be pleasantly surprised. I have been meaning to try out Hakkasan restaurant as it’s a big favourite of H’s but somehow I have so far resisted.

My plan tonight was to do something more typically Chinese with pork belly to welcome in the year of the pig but I had a piece of gammon in my fridge that needed eating and some fresh eggs, so it became rather non-traditional. It was very tasty though as I believe traditional Chinese New Year celebrations can go on for fifteen days, I still have time to do something interesting with pork belly.


Linda said...

... i ordered chinese food.

happy new year!

DD said...

Dearest J,

It is the year of the Pig and my Chinese birth year also!

It is a 'golden year' of the pig - meaning that every 60 years each animal shall rejoice in an auspicious 365 days!


Love, DDx

PS - See you in 2 weeks, am ever so EXCITED!

J said...

Dearest DD,
I hope you will have a golden nay diamond encrusted year of the pig! Looking forward to seeing you so but I hear that Emperor B, lord of all he surveys in Asia Pac, leader of B-world had decreed that he has plans for you and we will see very little of you. For shame, this cannot be, the divas cannot be kept apart! 311 must rise again!