Friday, February 09, 2007

Two little pigs

I had mentioned previously that D had bought me the fabulous little salt piglets from the new Nigella liquorice range for Christmas, but I was waiting to get another salt before showing them off. I had considered the aromatic red 'piment d’ Espelette' much prized by Pascal Aussignac of Club Gascon. But then I remember that I already had some unopened Fleur de Sel from my last trip to Normandy. I guess you're supposed to display salt in one of the pigs and pepper in the other but as I insist on my pepper freshly ground, it will have to be two salts instead for me.
In the left one I have Maldon sea salt with its fat soft crumbly ever so white crystals and in the right the hand harvested Brittany Fleur de Sel (flower of salt) with its smaller and slightly off-white crystals.
And the piglets themselves are just so very lovely, pleasingly ovoid and curvaceous, they just beg to be stroked. They come complete with a little black tray to catch any errant salt crystals. Here they are with all their oily and otherwise friends lorded over by the Alessi tripod lemon squeezer - another thing of beauty!
I use pepper more often than salt so my electronic pepper grinder is very useful for one handed grinding.

This is my first foray into the Nigella liquorice range but I 'may' have some other goodies on order! What is particularly delightful about the design of most of the range (piglets excluded) is the matt black voluptuous curves on the outside contrasting with the glossy black convex interior. I first heard that Nigella was branching out from the cream and eggshell blue range (which lovely as it was, would never be happy in my monochromatic home) to the gorgeous black on my birthday whilst in Gap in Manhattan with DD shopping for crocodiles. And how did I find out about them in the middle of Gap? Because D spotted them in a Sunday magazine and immediately texted me as she knew I would just have to have them for my kitchen paraphernalia collection.
And now I do!

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