Monday, February 12, 2007

Chopping - Epicurean style

I've been on a chopping frenzy! I bought a new chopping board from the Art of Living website and it's really rather good. I found out about the Art of Living site when I was looking for stockists for the Nigella liquorice espresso cups and this was one of the places recommended by Nigella's site. And I want to recommend them also, it's so rare that when you purchase something from the internet that you get a personal email about your items and when I asked if they could bring the delivery date forward, they did. I'll definitely use them again.
So whilst I was browsing for my gorgeous liquorice goodies, my eye was drawn to one of these boards. I have seen Epicurean chopping boards in cook shops but not in black before. And as everything I bought in this order was black, it seemed appropriate to continue the theme. The boards are very unusual, they are light and thin and made of wood pulp and resin which is good for your knives. They could go into a dishwasher, if that's important to you, but also are heat resistant - though I am not entirely sure I want to test that property. But what is important is that they're environmentally friendly as they are constructed of a composite laminate. The brown ones always looked a little too MDF for me hence me not being a great fan before, but who ever heard of black MDF?

And every time I chop something, I'm always reminded how delighted I am still with my fabulous drop-forged Global knife (GF32). It has a very pleasing weight and makes many other knives, even others in the Global range, just seem too light. I keep it super sharp with my
Shinkansen water sharpener as I've never really grasped the steel sharpening technique and these water sharpeners are recommended for Global knives.
I do have a great chopping board already, but I wanted a second bigger one as I really like chopping things. I even have a chopping board under my desk at work in case I get the urge to chop something up there.
Does that sound vaguely sinister?


Michelle said...

I really love colours at play in your picture - the sharp green and charcoal make a beautiful contrast. The knife isn't half bad, either ;)

J said...

Thank you Michelle. I do like dramatic monochromatic backdrop so the food stands out.
And I love the photography on your site, another one to add to my favourite food blog list!

Linda said...

stunning photograph!

Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Excellent picture! And thanks for information on the cutting board, it looks good!