Friday, February 16, 2007

Masterchef goes fourth

We've met our fourth semi-finalist and I am pleased again with this week's winner.
Jay did a Catalan salad with chorizo and tomatoes and they considered it tasty but too simple then followed it rather bizarrely with sesame coated chicken, mango mayonnaise and Mediterranean vegetables. And of course she cleverly used Amaretto in the chocolate dessert, which is always going to make Gregg want to marry you!
William started with an attractive looking goat's cheese and fig tart with red onion jam and watercress (even though I wouldn't have eaten it!) followed by a juicy fillet steak with Marsala and wild mushroom sauce served with honeyed parsnips and horseradish greens. Unfortunately John and Gregg thought the combination of honey, Marsala and peas made it all a bit sweet. William made another chocolate dessert with Amaretto and Brandy but despite being tasty, it wasn't as attractive as his other two dishes. Though John was impressed and they pretty much cleared the plate.
Natasha made a Dorset apple soup with a walnut scone but it was all a little 'country cottage kitchen' for John and unfortunately she over-whipped her chocolate mousse. Even though I think William came into the quarter finals a clear winner as seemingly he has the techniques and can certainly produce an attractive plate, they were very critical of his three course meal, maybe the expectations were just too high! However, William got through and joins the other three. Only two more semi-finalists to find.

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