Monday, February 19, 2007

A seriously good dessert!

I spotted an intriguing new dessert in Waitrose today, well new for me anyway. I was reaching for a Gü pudding but clearly influenced by M’s fetish for little china dishes I was drawn to the lovely little china cups these desserts come in.

And the dessert itself looked very interesting; they come from the Serious Food Company who make wonderful little 'only natural ingredients' 'additive-free' desserts which I think may be exclusive to Waitrose. They also do a very interesting looking trio of square crème brulees in a little divided china dish that could be worth investigating.

All you do is pop the little china cup into the microwave for 25 seconds, leave it for a minute (prefect to take a quick photograph!) and then tuck in - seriously delicious!

This is probably what I should have had for the Valentine’s Day dessert as it looked especially fine on one of my heart shaped YSL plates with the similarly heart shaped little Alessi coffee spoon. Seriously good indeed! The pudding is really good, a proper dark chocolate fondant pudding with a rich liquid chocolatey sauce, and a good size - i.e. not too big!

And as you guess, I really like the cups, for someone who would never drink coffee I have strange and unnatural feelings towards little coffee/espresso cups! Seriously odd!

So M, you do need to check out these desserts and the cups - I don't think they're available on Ocado yet, but hopefully they will be soon as they already have some of the other Serious Food Company range. You will become seriously addicted, I am sure!


Nicola said...

Absolutely love these desserts too. Think the heart saucer you've used to serve looks beautiful - where did you get it from???

J said...

Dear Nicola,

I got them from crazy china shop in the centre of Lille, France a few years ago. It's a place I always head to on my trips to Lille to feed my crockery habit and next door is a fabulous jewellery shop that I am also 'forced' to visit! I think they're YSL seconds, though they look perfect to me!

Linda said...

how beautiful - those would have caught my attention immediately. thank you for bringing this wonderful product to my attn!