Saturday, February 03, 2007

Rising to the challenge

The stylish Tami over at Running with Tweezers set the challenge of making soufflés for the latest “Hey, hey it’s Donna Hay day” and today she’s added a round-up of all the high rising entries. It seems quite a few of us rose to the challenge and the idea is that we check out the photos, the posting and recipes of all the soufflérs and vote for our favourite. The winner of the soufflé round-up gets to host the next HHIDHD and choose the next theme to stretch our culinary talents.

Tami has been a great host for this homage to Donna Hay because not only she did come up with the sky scraping idea but she demonstrated her food stylish credentials and explained lots of tips for making the perfect soufflé and taking the perfect shot of a soufflé.

I only realised the theme late on the last day of entry so my posting was a bit of an express recycle job and I just got it in under the wire as luckily we’d already made a soufflé (in fact three!) in January. If I hadn’t left it so late I think I would have tried an Arnold Bennett soufflé, you’ve heard of an Arnold Bennett omelette but I think the flavours would translate well into a soufflé also. Maybe next time.

So what’s your favourite?

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