Friday, February 02, 2007

Masterchef - second semi-finalist

Today the second semi-finalist on Masterchef Goes Large was announced as Stephen (I think he’s a ph not a v, he looks like a ph!) And I am pleased! John and Gregg were making their usual contradictory assessments and Gregg especially complaining that Stephen had been too ambitious with his three course meal. Ironically, others were accused of not doing enough to get through to the final of MasterChef. Stephen made a really interesting looking starter of smoked eel pâté with chicory which John was very impressed with. And I think Gregg was quite amazed that Stephen identified all his exotic fruit and all the vinegars in the product identification test but then again he didn’t do so well working in the restaurant kitchen earlier in the week.

Personally I think it’s a cooking competition so I want to see people who show real culinary genius succeed but I know the emphasis has switched to being able to work in a professional kitchen and I think that’d be the toughest challenge on the show. I believe some of the contestants that weren’t successful in the last series at the beginning of last year are returning to have another go. It will be intriguing to see who is back and how much they’ve improved since last time. Let’s hope they’ve worked out how to walk the imaginary fine line between keeping it too simple and not showing enough skill and demonstrating complicated techniques and being considered over ambitious. Well, I’m sure the contrary pair John and Gregg will let them know if they haven’t!

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