Monday, February 19, 2007

Pie in a box

My plan today was to pop in a good eatery nearby, sit down and eat some decent food and then head off into the city. But then time overtook me (again!) so I moved swiftly onto plan B. And plan B was to grab a pie from Source and then eating it on the train.

This was my first taste of a Source pie and this was a nice home-cooked chicken and smoked cheese pie with mash. They serve the pies is a box that can be turned into a plate and I hoped I would get a seat with one of those drop down trays like on a plane and I could peacefully eat my pie. But I’d underestimated that this is half term week and the train was utterly heaving and luckily for me lots of really loud schoolgirls yelling into their mobiles - fabulous! Forget about getting a seat with a drop down tray, forget the seat. Instead I had to stand in the aisle clutching my pie box and hoping I could manage to cut up the pie with a fork. It kind of worked but was far from ideal! Fortunately the pie crust wasn’t too crispy to mean that I couldn't eat it with just a fork but only just. I am sure the rest of the train enjoyed watching me struggle with remaining upright and eating a pie and mash out of a box with a plastic fork. Well I aim to entertain!

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