Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Yodelling for your supper

It seems that tonight is not over yet, K’s farewell will continue in the Austrian themed karaoke bar cum bierkeller – The Tyroler Hut, I kid you not! You are led to your gingham bedecked table by hearty rotund chaps clad in lederhosen whose role in life is to ply you with steins of foamy bier and/or copious shots of Schnapps whilst occasional grabbing some cow bells or accordion and revving up the crowd with some wild oompah pah band yodelling and general carousing! It really is an experience! I had my sensible ‘I’ve got to trek across town and get home safely head on’ so couldn’t be persuaded to join in the rounds of extravagantly flavoured Schnapps but others were more than willing to and not everyone was able to stand on leaving. I am naming no names!

If you are yearning for an evening of Alpine themed frivolities this you should descend the unassuming steps into this Bayswater extravaganza. It surely must be a one-off!

Clearly though it was an entirely new experience for me the Tyroler Hut patently has a keen following – note the number of references to it in YouTube or MySpace – enough said I think! I wonder if they would make me a Kir Imperial?

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