Sunday, December 09, 2007

Meat & potatoes

Sometimes the only thing that will do is a hearty home-cooked plate of meat and potatoes. And today was definitely one of those chilled-to-the-bone and in need of central-heating-for-kids sort of days. A delicious Boeuf Daube (not the Provençal version with nasty olives and tomatoes obviously) with creamy Gratin Dauphinois and some gently sautéed with a touch of nutmeg mushrooms seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Hmmm maybe I should have added a touch of green, but the leaves in the fridge looked like they'd actually left. I think I need to heed Clotilde's handy hints for eking out your foliage on her legendary Chocolate & Zucchini site.

Suddenly it seems a much warmer day!

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