Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Don’t forget if you are reading this now and live in the UK you could win some delicious chocolaty delights in the Hotel Chocolat best chocolate recipe competition.

One of my lucky readers will definitely win a yummy prize and then get entered into the grand final with the other winners.

Which of your favourite chocolate recipes bring people to their knees and elicits frequent requests for your secret formula?

Don’t delay, you have exactly twelve hours to enter your recipe here because at 1 minute to midnight tonight the competition closes and you turn into a chocolate pumpkin.

Deck the halls with chocolate and yet more chocolate!

Note: it seems that the competition has mysteriously ended early, if you would still like to enter please email me and I will try and pass any recipes on.

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Jules said...

If you click on the link it says the competition has closed. I'm also running this competition and people trying to enter my competition are also getting the "closed" message?!?