Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Three bird roast

So yesterday I picked up from the local butchers their three bird roast offering – a brace of pheasants on top of a fat turkey breast all contained inside a duck. Not exactly the perfect Christmas lunch for two people but it was a particular request of M and fortunately, she just adores cold cooked meat. Whereas I prefer revitalising the vegetables for another meal – but each to their own!
I roasted the bird trio according to the instructions, it was easy to carve due to lack of bones but very quickly looked like a poultry car-crash as it fell apart at each slice. And Mark Hix was probably right; it was a bit dryer than a single bird might have been. When James Martin was talking about his local butcher’s version of the three-bird roast he mentioned the layers of sausage meat and stuffing and I think ours might have lacked that extra lubrication.

To accompany our plump three bird roast I somehow managed to prepare enough vegetables, ummm maybe for a small village. Well it is Christmas! M wanted sage and onion stuffing so I made little bacon boats in the mini muffin tin and stuffed them with the stuffing. I wanted mash potatoes, M roast potatoes and sorry I did rather let them brown a little too much. M didn’t really want any vegetables probably, whereas I wanted creamy cauliflower and broccoli gratin and glistening Brussels sprouts. Hence the rather groaning plate! Well, I think they'll be plenty of leftovers, hmmm possibly enough for another village.

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