Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve great balls of fun!

We didn’t have any grand plan for New Year’s Eve party fare, no spectacular feast, no extravagant table décor so in the end we just decided a few platters of picky bits in the middle of the table and then onto the board games.

I’d promised to make some more of those scrumptious diminutive Beef Wellingtons, Beef Booties if you will so set myself to cut the puff pastry into little squares and cube the beef.


Ready rolled puff pastry
Brussels pâté
Beef fillet cut roughly into 2cm cubes
1 lightly beaten egg

I made about 50 with a packet of puff pastry, but I’m not entirely sure how much beef fillet I used but I cut the cubes a little smaller – more like 1cm cubes so each ‘beef bootie’ could be popped into the mouth whole.

- Preheat the oven to 200°c.

- Roll out the puff pastry and cut into 4cm squares. My pastry was pre-rolled but I felt it needed to be a little thinner for these canapés.

- Smear the point of a spoon of pâté in the centre of each square and top with a seasoned beef cube.

- If I’d cut the beef larger as per the recipe I could have folded the pastry over the beef and neatly tuck in the corners like a larger Beef Wellington but on this scale this proved too tricky. Instead I opted to roll each into a beefy ball and line up them all up on a baking sheet.

- Carefully brush each ball with the beaten egg, sprinkle with some handy sesame seeds and bake for 10 to 12 minutes, or until pleasantly puffed and golden brown.

- Allow to cool slightly, (if permitted by the ravenous diners) and then transfer to a platter (or two) to serve.
As well as the meaty morsels we also whipped up some fluffy potato cakes topped with a dollop of cool crème fraîche and the remaining palest rose tinged salmon. From Waitrose we scored some fat garlicky, cheesy dough balls and an unusual dessert.

Rather fabulously we found these ice cream filled chocolate dessert canapés. Belgium chocolate that splintered delectably in the mouth revealing their icy interiors which certainly didn’t get a chance to melt before they were polished off. And yes that is LLcT's finger again, perhaps if he knew it would be immortalised on the world wide web he wouldn't have bitten his finger nails!

Happy New Year!

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