Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Down the Mall

K is off back to the land of palm tree shaped islands with the addition of her newest, pinkest member of her family. I’ve turned up at the Mall Tavern armed with pink flowers, pink cashmere and a pink bunny – well ever one for a theme!

We are led to rather a fabulous private room upstairs as there’s quite a crowd of us and start with the Champagne whilst perusing the menu. I plump for the old menu stalwart of Seared Scallops with Boudin Noir and Pea Puree. Our dining room is rather lovely with a fireplace and all those period features, actually I’d be pretty happy if I could have it “to go”, I don’t know how it would work but it would make a rather attractive and very handy annex to my flat. Hmmm, though I’d probably add a little more light, yes I am back on that subject again – but frankly it was a tad murky!

Once I’d removed the entirely unnecessary tomato concasse from my scallops they were plump and delicious with the ever welcome crumbly earthiness of the black pudding.

For my main I chose Ribeye Steak, with Roast Winter Vegetables, Horseradish Creamed Spinach with Stilton which was all very nice. It’s about then I realised one of K’s particular talents – which is ordering food. However she seems much less talented in the art of eating. You know it’s true, K! Well I enjoyed my meal anyway, upmarket tasty bistro fare though as I've now been weaned on Jeremy Lee potent horseradish I could have coped with with the spinach having a soupçon more poke!

For dessert both K and I immediately decided that the Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream was mandatory. Though frankly one of us had to force the other to try a mouthful! Clearly we should have ordered a special meal of chips and doughnuts, may be that would have fared better. I enjoyed our Mall meal and would love to revisit and try more of their gastro-pubby menu. K’s friends are extremely lively, interesting and I really look forward to meeting up with them again - a little Antipodean enclave in Notting Hill nonetheless.

Bye Bye K, I’ll miss you!

P.S. - Fabulous earrings!

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