Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cheese for breakfast

We probably didn’t really do the Harvey Nichols festive food event justice last night, I think we were regrettably still rather stuffed from the wonderful Narrow late lunch. However, we did buy some goodies to takeaway. We had both read OFM last week and had been very taken by the mention of Truffle Brie:

“£5 per 100g, Harvey Nichols - Brilliant idea if massively unaffordable. A truffle sandwich surrounded by dark, rich brie. Sensational. *****”
We had swiftly decided that despite its extravagant price we really had to try a little slice. And whilst perusing the cheese counter I got a good hunk of Grana Padano to accompany my purpose bought fabulously curvaceous Alessi knife.

With some part baked French bread straight from the oven it was the perfect elegant breakfast/brunch. The truffle Brie was truly sublime and even though we kind of intended to leave a little for MC to sample somehow we managed to scoop up every last unctuous knifeful. Sorry MC. And I've been a fan of crumbly hunks of Grana Padano ever since I tasted it at the Harvey Nichols cheese & wine event. Say cheese!

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