Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pizza al Rollo in the dark

We were getting really hungry but it’s that strange time of the day when it is way too late for lunch but just a tad early for dinner. Most of the restaurants are closed getting ready for their evening service, but we’ve been out and about and it’s cold and we want food. Pizza al Rollo was open and cheesy garlicky smells were emanating from their frankly murky interior drawing D and I in.

We gathered a few of the candles that were about to try and create a pool of light for us but embarrassingly the action of moving some of the candles extinguished them not achieving anything other than a few dead candles littering our table – not too clever!

I haven’t been here for a year or so but last time they did have two pizzas that were fabulously tomato sauce free. Tomato-less pizzas doesn’t seem to feature much on their menu at the moment but they were happy to furnish me a delicious cheesy, Parma ham and fat mushroom strewn pizza for my delectation. And that was after some very acceptable melting cheese garlic topped with roasted onions pizza bread for starters.

And both of these fine pizza creations tasted really good. Maybe we should have stopped there and not bothered with a dessert but we just wanted that little finishing touch. Unfortunately the chocolate cake topped with caramel sauce was cloyingly sweet but strangely taste free at the same time. It was more like ‘chocolate flavour’ than chocolate and was a real disappointment. We should have left after the tasty cheesy stuff and if still craving a bite of something sweet should have availed ourselves of the ice cream parlour. Well, food for thought for next time!

Oh and they get the first it was like a black hole award. How about a few more candles next time?

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