Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday, Sunday so good to me...

I had some lovely surprise visitors today! D and MC were apparently in the area so thought they’d pop by. As they know my Virgo nature demands a bit of preparation before guests descend, or my hostess with the mostest skills falter somewhat. But despite the impromptu call they won’t be persuaded to let me feed them so I wait until they’re sadly back on their way home before rustling up some Sunday lunch for me. It’s definitely all autumnal today so I want a good bit of roast chicken and all the trimmings for a bit of internal central heating.

I have some sweet Chantenay carrots which please me especially by retaining their pleasing carrot shape. The plumptious chicken breast bronzes rather beautifully in the oven with a couple of roast roasties and the chipolatas adding that certain sausage-y hit. The Brussels sprouts are parboiled and then lightly sautéed to add a little nutty touch and then I have a pretty perfect roast chicken Sunday lunch. Shame no one is sharing it today!

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