Monday, October 08, 2007

Another crab

I originally got these Crab Farcis (from the Just for... Seafood lovers range for the Little Big Food Company) for M and my first meal back in little old England after the cruise but she had a major yen for pizza so I called Basilico to feed us. Fortunately as they had already been flash frozen I knew I could squirrel them away for a solo pleasure on another day instead.

They are succulent crab meat in a white wine sauce with herbs and topped with crunchy golden breadcrumbs, serves in a real crab shell, which is actually great as I don't feel the need to hold onto and feel pressure to find storage space for the crab shells as I do the M&S ramekins. And M, you may be pleased to hear that they have just started stocking them on Ocado, in case you're interested.

And after a spell in the oven it turned our rather tasty with a little bit of French bread smeared with a generous dollop of French butter. Délicieux! I was transported to a French bistro for a while though I am not sure if they'd have Gordon Ramsay range of Royal Doulton china to serve it on, maybe something a little more rustic!

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