Friday, October 12, 2007

Anchors aweigh for the final days...

As promised, I have finally finished all the scribbling of my thoughts and wading through the photographs from our fabulous Baltic cruise. So if you want to know about our visit to the coast of Poland, our day in Berlin and all the remaining cruising escapades click here.

- Our last day in St Petersburg - from Russia with love
- A day of vegetable carving and piratical shenanigans!
- Our little taste of Poland
- An Italian meal as we sail away from Poland
- A decadent day of walls and chocolate in Berlin
- How we somehow managed to squeeze in some flammekueche
- A dinner with new guests
- A canal, an ice swan, too many pink drinks (maybe), some unused radio mics and a lot of sequins.

So the cruise is recorded for posterity, now it's just all the rest of the forking and travelling I've enjoyed to be caught up on.


Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed your posts of the Baltic cruise - partly perhaps as I shared the delights. Your posts wonderfully evoiked the feel and taste of the countries we so briefly visited. Today you have finally captured a taste of the last somewhat "pink drink" fueled night with the delightful R and T. I could say a lot more about your cabaret performance - but perhaps I should keep it to myself. I have very fond memories of my meeting with R behind the bike sheds. I hope R and T enjoyed the Discovery experience as much as I did.

Keep blogging darling J

Love M x

J said...

I glad 'Stephen' finally got through it all for you, and I haven't even finished yet as I'm on a roll!

You are indeed so right it was such a delightful holiday and it deserved a proper recording so that we both can relive it whenever we like. I will also let R and T know that our transgressions are there for the world to see and they can catch up also.
love Jx