Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mile high grub!

Airline food doesn’t normally warrant a comment but I thought Virgin Atlantic (Premium) did pretty well today. I am so relieved that they’ve abandoned the annoying bendy plastic cutlery in favour of dinky Robert Welsh designed stainless steel hardware. And nice crisp large red cloth napkin also, so much more civilised! I was on my usual tomato watch and the obligatory chicken dish is often a fine contender for some tomato sauce so I went for the beef with green beans, baby carrots and rather a nice surprise, mash. And not too bad mash either. This was accompanied by a fresh seedy roll with cheese and a cheeky glass of Tempranillo. And as a finale that was an always welcome little pot of Gü, just perfect! Not a bad late lunch for a flight at all.
I'm sure I would have enjoyed the meal in Upper Class even more, I was rather taken with the aeroplane salt and pepper shakers that I saw being popped onto one of the hallowed trays and wondered how many of these 'accidentally' end up in naughty passengers' luggage. We don't have such fripperies in our cabin, so no temptation here. There was a time when I couldn't bear to eat anything on a plane as the homogenised mingling aromas finished off which that coffee in a flask smell would turn my stomach every time without fail. I finally realise that if I had a little of something to eat, I then didn't seem to be so bothered by the cacophony of odours any more. It's not such a problem now, I think the quality of food has definitely improved and as long as a waft of that dreaded over stewed coffee doesn't hit me - I'll be fine!

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