Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More cheese, Gromit?

Harvey Nichols have been a little lax with their planned monthly food events, unfortunately they changed their minds about running them every month as they turned out to not be so economically viable so we haven’t had one for a while. But fortunately there was a cheese and wine event tonight as I was able to check it out. The main star attraction was a couple of huge wheels of aged Grana Padano. The salty tangy cheese is chipped off in crumbly chunks and is very enjoyable with with crisp white wine choice. There's some great menu ideas in the little booklet that came with the goodie bag, we got a tomato and chilli relish (which has already found a new home), a cheese grater, and some oaty biscuits.
As well as this fine Italian cheese we have the opportunity to taste some great English cheeses, Spanish Manchego which is served with a slightly thinner slice of quince on the top (I believe the prefect ratio is 2/3 Manchego and 1/3 quince) and also some interesting choices from Portugal. There is also a raclette on the go which is smeared onto some waiting bread which reminded me again that I had intended to get one of these contraptions.
I also picked up some other Harvey Nix treats - rustic looking Italian vacuum packed gnocchi for the store cupboard and this new risotto rice I read about that comes in a can I think this might be a winner with my hunk of Grana Padano.
The next Harvey Nichols food event is the Festive Fete on the 19th December where we'll get to indulge in a plethora of festive fayre. It sounds like a good evening!

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