Monday, October 22, 2007

The summit of the blogging mountain

Finally I’ve made it! I have reached the summit of my blogging mountain, it was a Herculean effort to records all those errant epicurean escapades and the last couple of weekends I have become rather a blogging machine to catch up. However I am quite giddy with delight that my blog is finally completely and utterly up to date.
I have back-posted amongst the many - all the cruise, the subsequent restaurant visits to the Fish Market and Plateau, the brief trip to Spa
in, birthday celebrations and more Clotilde fabulousness, Simon Hopkinson's gorgeous new book, another new Gordon Ramsay cook (table) book, my attempt at fast food, yet another Gaucho, three more visits to Blueprint Café, a sublime meal at Gary Rhodes 24, my first book launch party, why me and Leon can never be friends, numerous hastily rustled up and one ot two slaved over meals at home and the latest audience with Mark Hix at Divertimenti.
xt weekend I fly to New York on a brief business trip, though when they ask again on immigration if “I’m there for business or pleasure” I always say "it's mainly business but it would be rude not to do both wouldn't it! " And pleasure generally means more blogging to do on my return!

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