Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Not so much a menu but an obligatory

Tonight is a special night for American E, he doesn’t know it yet but the reason there’s a mysterious extra large party here is that we’re toasting and roasting him in anticipation of his retirement next year. We have congregated at the Salt Creek Grille to enjoy some drinks and a meal before the speeches begin. DD, another J and myself test the bar staff to see if they can rustle up a bottle of Chambord and to our astonishment they can, so a little more Kir Imperial for the divas!
With such a large party they have simplified the menu by saying we are starting with Tomato Bisque, then a Salad, the main course is choice of Salmon or Filet Mignon and to finish there’s a Mixed Berry dish with Chantilly Cream. I have to be awkward (I know, had to believe!) and decline the soup, there seems little point in me wasting a bowl and then I am not sure if the salad will have more tomato in (it does) so I eschew that also and go straight for the steak.
It is a very tasty steak grilled with the aid of mesquite chips. Now I am not an expert but I believe these are wood chip added to the barbeque to impart a true Texan smoky flavour to the food gently caramelising above. Whatever they did it managed to intensify the juicy and well-marinated steak.
The dessert was a little too much Chantilly creamy for my taste (that would be any) but I’d recommend the steak at least! It's hard to judge them on really one dish so I think one tiny fork for a good steak.

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