Saturday, October 20, 2007

A gently comforting ham hock

This ham hock in a parsley sauce with Chantenay carrots looked rather appealing, comforting and stress-free after a long week. I know that Nigella would just have conjured up something fabulous from her magic pantry whereas I grabbed this from Waitrose's as good as going out range on the way home. Though I did get the makings of more of a hands-on, home-made Sunday lunch so I don't have to hang up my apron and Global knives just yet.
Though I can imagine the domestic goddess herself raising a perfectly manicured eyebrow and tutting at the merest thought of having to resort to the dreaded ready meal but some of us really do have a crazy life and I still believe that a good ready meal would beat most takeaways hands down.
Though talking of her new rather irritating show, some of the recipes are great and they definitely did help me feed D, MC, LLcT and E(D) on a Friday night before Saturday turned up but I can't understand why we have to see her pretending to catch a bus (I don't believe it for one moment), putting her children to bed way before I think they would normally and meandering so slowly to school that it was probably break time before they'd even arrived. It's just very odd, why don't they just concentrate on the food? Do the programme makers think us viewers with our less than glamorous, show-biz free life need to believe that Nigella 'is really one of us' before we'd accept her advice on getting some tasty food rapidly on the table? I'm fairly sure I'm not unique in believing her new show doesn't quite hit the mark and the strange little 'mes en scène' is putting me off the food and that will never do!

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