Saturday, March 31, 2007

An utterly British bangers & mash

Clearly being inspired by whole Britishness thing when I visited M&S Simply Food at Waterloo on the way home the other night I was drawn to their sausage selection and espied some outdoor bred pork sausages which looked particularly tasty. And thinking that I probably shouldn’t be mashing my own potatoes at the moment I also grabbed some of their organic mash also.
And it was a excellent choice! The sausages were delicious, wonderfully dense and perfectly porky; they were cooked in the specified 19 minutes. M&S are always very specific about such things!
The mash tasted very much like the mashed up inside of a baked jacket potato which was a lovely surprise. I thought it needed extra butter and good stir but was a good substitute for making my own.
And there really isn’t anything so British as bangers & mash, mmmm, mmmm.
I think I'm going to enjoy 'flying the flag'!

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