Friday, March 30, 2007

A bit of a tart!

For tonight's delectation I thought I’d try a Waitrose light puff pastry Somerset Brie and bacon slice – well personally I’d call it a 'tart' but 'slice' if you must. I did add my own little touches though, I topped the tart with even more Brie as I had a little Brie de Meaux left over from my visit to Harvey Nichols the other night. And also from that Spring fête at Harvey Nix, I had some wild garlic kindly given to me by the lovely lady showing off all the delights that is Secrett’s Farm so I sautéed some finely sliced wild garlic to finish off the topping. And this slice or tart with the extra embellishments served alongside some mâche salad was a very fine bite to end a week of struggling with only one functioning elbow. The bacon had a lot of Brie (and wild garlic) to contend with but it managed to weave its smoky magic over the rest of the ingredients, so well done the beechwood smoked bacon.

After a heartfelt conversation in the pub last night about the sanctity of a round white plate, I thought I better select such a round white plate (not pink and certainly not black square) on which to serve my slice come tart. The multi-brothered J was quite adamant that plates had to be round and wouldn’t countenance the thought of a square plate in any circumstance. We discussed the phrase "square meal" but this made him more determined. The debate was provoked by my reply to Roo’s question regarding the availability of square plates, apparently the considered opinion is that I know a little too much about plates of any shape. Okay fair point! Can you imagine a Mastermind with a contestant claiming the specialist subject of Crockery? It would seem rather odd! I could like stranger things though, ummm I could be obsessed with discovering the perfect mashed potato or attempting to coordinate my sling with my shoes (a long story, I guess you had to be there!) – oh I am! Well you know what I mean, hopefully! And I'm standing by my opinion that plates are very important! Though I may add 'important' in the context of showcasing and glorifying food not in a world peace sort of way.

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