Thursday, March 15, 2007

And the winner is...

Look away now if you don't want to know won Masterchef goes Large 2007.
It seemed quite a close thing and as I skimmed through the episodes I missed on my Sky+ I saw some great challenges. I was trying to work out whether it was the amateur contestants or John Torode who was the most nervous when they kept Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern waiting for their meal. And I did like to see the illustrious table positively groaning with Michelin starred chefs saying great things about the contestants.
Last Friday I did receive the vital text sent by my purple-shoed glamorous assistant whilst in New York and I was extremely pleased to read that Geordie Dave had left the building. I think that Hannah is a very talented cook but I can't really see her in a professional kitchen, though she does has particular talent in patisserie. Ben, well I thought he was okay with his elaborate looking food but he is rather smug and he seems sometimes to have some sort of malfunctioning tastebuds so that can't be right. He makes very pretty dishes but if there's no taste it's just style over content again.
So I was keeping my fingers crossed for Steven. He certainly has timing issues but you could say that about me also so I can totally sympathise. And after a winter salad of poached quail eggs, bacon and dandelion leaves followed by ducked breast, smoked potatoes, baby turnips and leek crisps and a gorgeous looking Valrhona chocolate sauce accompanying vanilla ice cream and vanilla poached pears.
A deserved winner in Steven Wallis read what his first thoughts were when he realised that all his hard work had come good and he'd won - and Steven, I really hope it does indeed change your life and I look forward to seeing what you do next. Hopefully I'll see you at Taste of London in June and then I can congratulate you myself.

Update: D pointed out an interesting reaction from the other finalists - (previously smug) Ben was absolutely devastated and upset for himself and Hannah was awfully proud and pleased for Steven. Very telling!
And Gregg talked about the final on
Something for the Weekend this morning and said how much discussion they'd had over the eventual winner but think they'd chosen correctly. He also said that everyone thought that as John is the chef in the partnership some feel he has more credentials but John would be the first to admit that Gregg is the ultimate punter and dines out a lot more so he maybe has more experiences to call upon.

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